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Vanilla Bean Faux Fur Fabric
Vanilla Bean Faux Fur Pom Pom

Faux Fur Fabric Yardage "Vanilla Bean" 1/4 Yard

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The same faux fur I use to make my Vanilla Bean poms is available in 1/4 yard cuts while supplies last. This fur was discontinued last year and won't be available again.

It is a medium length, dense cream colored fur with brown tips. One full yard of fur is usually 60” x 36”, my 1/4 yard cuts are approximately 15” x 18” which will make about 15-20 good size poms. 

You will be receiving the fur to make your own poms, the completed poms shown are for reference only and are not included. I also do not send or offer instructions for making the poms, there are numerous videos on You Tube if you need help.