Fabulous Faux Fur Poms

Fabulous Faux Fur Poms

Fabulous Faux Fur Poms!

I offer natural/realistic looking 100% faux fur poms in great neutral and vibrant colors. These are hand cut, stuffed and tightly sewn up with super strong nylon cording. I leave a generous length of cording for attaching to your knit or crochet hat, scarf or other project. 

Sizing of poms is kind of a free for all and there really is no standard.

Large =  5"      XL =  6"

I measure my poms sitting flat, tip to tip but it still varies. Just like real fur, faux fur comes in varying lengths and thickness and it's impossible to make all varieties the same size so measurements are approximate....if you order several different poms don't be surprised if they seem like differnet sizes....they probably are!

All of my poms are ready to ship and I SHIP FAST!! 
Seriously....usually same day but no more than 3 business days.